Mexico Tourist Auto Policy

Basic Civil Liability

This coverage protects you in the event you cause bodily injury or damage to the property of others. This is one of the most important coverages to protect you when you are at-fault in an accident. Limits for this coverage start at US$50,000, with higher limits available (subject to revision in January 2013).

Driving in Mexico without Third Party Liability auto insurance is a very risky proposition. Traffic accidents in Mexico are both a criminal and civil matter. By Mexican law, uninsured drivers who do not have enough cash in their pocket to pay for the damage they cause may be incarcerated and their vehicle may be impounded. Usually both happen.

On November 30, 2012 it became even more important to have high limits of 3rd Party Liability insurance when Mexico revised Artículo 502 de la Ley Federal de Trabajo and Artículo 1915 del Código Civil Federal, in which the amount of financial responsibility an at-fault person must pay was increased, in cases, by as much as 7x the previous limit. The amount of financial responsibility continues to vary by state, is as high as the equivalent of US $543,000 in two states (at exchange rate of 13 Mexican pesos to 1 U.S. dollar) and is the equivalent of US $300,000 or more in five other states and the Federal District.

Several states in Mexico have enacted laws that hold the at-fault person responsible for the value of actual damages caused. Here is an example of how this might play out.

Consider a 30 year old physician who is a renowned heart specialist. The doctor’s annual income is the equivalent of US $250,000. He has a wife and four young children. A driver responsible for doctor’s death in an automobile accident would be responsible for an amount sufficient to sustain the widow in a similar life style for the remainder of her life, and to support the children through college at a private university they would likely have attended if their father had survived.

Whereas minimum limits of liability insurance used to be sufficient, we recommend that you consider purchasing the much higher liability limits offered on our website.

Damage to your Vehicle in an Accident

This coverage includes damage to your vehicle that occurs in an accident, turnover, glass breakage, and other related coverage. It is subject to the deductible you selected. This is valuable coverage that you should not be without if your vehicle has resale value or if you have a car loan or your vehicle is leased. An explanation of how deductibles work is provided further below.

Total Theft

This coverage includes Total Theft of the vehicle as well certain losses caused by forces of nature, such as lightning, windstorm, flood, fire, hail, earthquake, avalanche, etc. The deductible is 5% of your vehicle's value with a minimum of $1,000 for autos and $1,500 for all other vehicle types. Note that Partial Theft and Vandalism are not covered under the basic policy. Partial Theft is covered under the Extended or upgrade Packages, subject to a $1,000 deductible.

NOTE: The ABS Seguros, Grupo Nacional Provincial, Quálitas, HDI Seguros, and ACE Extended Packages enhance this coverage. A complete copy of these enhancements is found at the bottom of this page.

Deductibles (Damage to or Theft of Your Vehicle)

The standard deductible for vehicle damage or theft in Mexico is a combination of 1.) A deductible calculated as a percentage of the vehicle value, in conjunction with 2.) A minimum deductible amount.

For private passenger automobiles, the “Collision” deductible is 2% of the vehicle value, subject to a minimum $500 and the theft deductible is 5% of the vehicle values, subject to a minimum $1,000 for Theft.

For all other vehicles types (pickups, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, trailers, etc.) the percentages remain the same at 2% and 5% but the minimums are $1,000 for Collision and $1,500 for Theft.

Following are examples of how the percentage deductible works for two different car values in a “total loss”:

  • Vehicle value $25,000 and a total loss due to an accident; the deductible is 2% (.02) x $25,000 = $500
  • Vehicle value $25,000 and is stolen. The deductible is 5% (.05) x $25,000 = $1,250

  • Vehicle value $50,000 and a total loss due to an accident. The deductible is 2% (.02) x $50,000 = $1,000
  • Vehicle value $50,000 and is stolen. The deductible is 5% (.05) x $50,000 = $2,500

As you can see, the higher the vehicle value, the greater the deductible dollar amount.

Following is an example for a pickup, SUV, or Van valued at $25,000:

  • Collision: 2% of vehicle value with minimum of $1,000: $25,000 x .02 = $500. Since $500 is less than the minimum, the deductible is $1,000
  • Total Theft: 5% of vehicle value with a minimum of $1,500: $25,000 x .05 = $1,250. Since $1,250 is less than the minimum, the deductible is $1,500.
  • For an additional premium a simple “fixed” deductible option is offered, which replaces the “percentage” deductible, with the fixed amount being $500 for Collision and $1,000 for Theft, regardless of the value or type of the vehicle. This is especially valuable for vehicles over $25,000.
  • The Extended Package offered by ABA/GMAC, Grupo Nacional Provincial, Quálitas, HID Seguros, and ACE automatically includes the “fixed” deductible of $500 for Collision and $1,000 for Theft.
  • Some auto finance companies and leasing companies will not provide authorization to take a vehicle to Mexico unless you purchase the “fixed” the deductible option.

Important Note: If you insure a towed unit (trailer, motorcycles, etc.) for Collision and Theft a deductible will apply separately to the towed units.

Guaranteed Bail Bond & Legal Assistance

As mentioned earlier, a liability accident in Mexico is a criminal as well as a civil matter. By comparison, except in serious situations, traffic accidents in Canada and the USA are matters of civil law.

Legal Assistance coverage will place a Mexican attorney at your disposal in the event you need to deal with authorities following a covered accident. Unlike some Mexican companies, our companies actually provide and pay for professional legal assistance at the time you need it. Other companies are known to require their customer to pay these costs out-of-pocket and then seek reimbursement from their insurer once the matter is resolved.

There is peace of mind knowing there will be knowledgeable legal support in Mexico to provide the legal assistance you may need, paid by your insurance company.

Travel & Roadside Assistance (Includes Towing)

Travel Assistance is a great help when you need it. Are you aware of the procedures if you lose your passport? Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that towing service for your vehicle or emergency medical assistance is only a phone call away? Travel assistance can help you during these situations. Our companies are there to assist travelers when they need help the most. They will also aid you with travel information, emergency flight/rental car reservations, and emergency roadside towing and assistance. You may never need these emergency services, but if you do, your company will be there to help.

When you choose to purchase optional MexVisit Travel Assistance coverage in addition to the regular Tourist Auto policy, your coverage includes not only coverage for your vehicle from Mexico's finest insurers, but also an excellent travel assistance package. MexVisit includes Emergency Medical assistance including emergency air evacuation to your place of origin in the U.S. or Canada, Travel Assistance, and Roadside Assistance.

Basic Medical Expense for Occupants

The policy will pay medical expenses of the driver and occupants of the vehicle in Mexico for injuries sustained in a covered accident. Coverage is available for limits starting at $2,000 per person up to $10,000 for all occupants combined. Increased limits to $5,000 per person and $25,000 per accident are included in the special upgrade packages discussed further below on this page.

MexVisit Travel Assistance Including Emergency Medical Evacuation

MexVisit provides emergency and non-emergency services in three basic areas, as follows:

  • Emergency Medical Assistance: a partial list includes:

    • Medical Transfer, including land and air ambulance within Mexico or to the U.S. or Canada
    • Medical Repatriation to the U.S. or Canada
    • Repatriation of remains to the U.S. or Canada
    • Convalescence lodging expense in Mexico
    • Medical and Dental referral and coordination within Mexico
    • Travel Assistance: a partial list includes

  • Tourist and travel information

    • Emergency contact/communication and messaging
    • Lost/stole credit card or travelers check assistance
    • Translating service
    • Emergency money transfer (to or from the insured)
    • Lost passport

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: a partial list includes

    • Out-of-gas delivery of fuel
    • Flat tire service
    • Dead battery jumpstart
    • Locksmith service
    • Parts locating and shipping
    • Towing
    • 2 days rental car and hotel if your vehicle breaks down
    • Plane ticket home if your car is stolen and not recovered
    • Plane ticket home and back to Mexico if there is a long delay in repairing it from damage in an accident

New Coverage Options for Mexico Tourist Auto

Standard Mexico auto insurance policies do not provide coverage that is as broad as U.S. and Canadian policies. In an effort to provide our customers with coverage that is more like what they are accustomed to we have worked with our partner insurance companies in Mexico to offer enhancements to the basic Mexico tourist auto policy.

ABA Seguros, Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP), Quálitas Compañía de Seguros, HDI Seguros, and ACE Seguros (ACE) offer optional upgrades to their basic policies. While these upgrades are not as broad as typical U.S. and Canadian policies, they provide much better protection than the basic policy. Coverage provided in these upgrades differ by company.

For a chart that Compares "Extended" Coverage Upgrade by Insurance Company, visit Upgrade Packages.

A customer opted to save a little money in premium and bought a “Standard” policy rather than the Extended.

He had an accident in Mexico, made modest repairs enabling him to drive to his home in the U.S. where the cost to repair the damage was appraised at $5,200. However, since the Standard policy only covered what it would have cost to repair the vehicle in Mexico, the insurance company paid only $750, after consideration for the $1,000 deductible.

If he had purchased the Extended policy the insurance company would have paid $4,700 after consideration of only a $500 deductible.

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