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Auto and Homeowners policies in Mexico do not offer the same broad coverage you are accustomed to in the U.S. and Canada. That is why we have worked with our Mexican insurance companies to develop broad choices in coverage allowing you to select policies that are more like U.S and Canadian policies.

For automobile we offer two types of policies . . . the basic or “Standard” policy and the much better “Extended” policy.

If all you want is the minimum requirement for driving in Mexico the Standard policy may be adequate, although you may be disappointed in the settlement if your vehicle is damaged in an accident in Mexico and you have it repaired in the U.S. or Canada.

If you want a better policy, one with coverage closer to U.S. and Canadian auto policies, we highly recommend that you pay a little more and purchase the “Extended” policy.

Here is an example from an actual claim that occurred in 2010:

A customer purchased a “Standard” policy for their car and were involved in an accident in La Paz, Baja California. They made temporary repairs and drove their car home to the U.S., where they obtained an estimate to repair it for about US 5,600. However, since the Standard policy pays for parts and labor at the rate that would apply in Mexico, the amount owed by the insurance company was less than $900.

The customer was very disappointed in this settlement, but the settlement was exactly in line with the terms and conditions of the policy.

To further explain, the labor cost in the U.S. repair estimate was a little more than $48.00 per hour (for 60 hours of work), whereas the labor rate that would apply for repairs in Mexico were at about $11.00 per hour.

If the customer had purchased the Extended policy the insurance company would have paid the applicable U.S. labor rate and parts cost.

For Homeowners, we offer a broad “All Risk” policy form. In addition, you may select to insure your property for its full replacement cost, or based on the lower, depreciated value.

In addition to the basic perils mentioned above you can purchase coverage for damage from natural disasters like hurricane and earthquake.

If you have questions before buying, please contact us directly.

If you experience a problem in settlement of a claim, we will analyze the circumstances and intervene if the settlement does not seem proper or if you are experiencing delays in getting your claim settled.

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The owner of Mexico Insurance Intermediaries, LLC (MotorMexico.com) first lived in Mexico over 40 years ago, attended college there, has worked in the insurance industry in Mexico, and has extensive experience traveling throughout the country. While he is a “gringo,” he is a Mexicano at heart!

We understand the differences in coverage, market conditions, and culture and we have excellent relationships with our Mexican insurance company partners. We are bi-lingual Español - English.


When you purchase from MotorMexico.com, your policy information is immediately available to our insurance companies in Mexico. Since this data is immediately available, if you are involved in an auto accident or have a homeowners loss, your claim may be handled much more efficiently and you will spend less time dealing with the authorities because coverage can be immediately verified via our system.


For Auto insurance, shop here: 1 Website, 5 different Mexican insurance company quotes to choose from. Some people believe they can save money by purchasing those manual, handwritten policies at the border. That may be possible, but since we offer competitive choices from 5 different Mexican insurance companies, we don’t think so. Importantly, our customers find security in the fact their policy information is immediately available to claim professionals in Mexico.

By offering you policies from 5 leading Mexican insurance companies you get a wide range of competitive choices in premium and coverage. Be sure to compare here.

Get an insurance quote and purchase your policy online now for your automobile, motorcycle, boat or RV!


Our website is secure. Internet connections containing client specific information are encrypted. All data is SSL Secured and Certified by Thawte Consulting cc. Secure screens show the SSL symbol , visible in the lower right corner of your computer screen. Over the years our system has handled between 75, 000 - 100,000 policies per year and has never had a security problem.

Financial security: All* of our Mexican insurance companies, or their multi-national parent company, are rated at least “A-” or “Excellent” by A. M. Best & Co., and internationally recognized company specializing in analysis and financial ratings of insurance companies.

* Note: An exception to the A. M. Best rating mentioned above is Quálitas Compañía de Seguros. Quálitas applied to A. M. Best for a rating in April 2010, and A. M. Best periodically reviews its rating. As of June 5, 2020, Quálitas is rated B+ (Good) by A. M. Best.

We do not sell your contact information or any other information about you to anyone.


Do you like to plan ahead like most people? When you buy online from us you can v Mexican Auto insurance off your list before you even leave home . . . then you don’t have to worry about forgetting to stop at the border to buy it!

What could be easier than purchasing your Mexican car, homeowners, and watercraft liability insurance from your computer at home or work, 24x7? Our system is easy to use. Our web based system has issued hundreds of thousands of Mexican policies. Our customers and agents enjoy the ease of use, convenience, time savings, quality, security, and comparison shopping offered by being able to purchase and print/save their Mexican auto and watercraft insurance policies from a number of quality Mexican insurers, immediately, online.

Why not eliminate an inconvenient stop when you get to the border, especially when you can shop online and buy from the convenience of your home or office computer?

Thanks to Internet access, matched with our technology, consumers and agents can also re-print and renew policies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are you a repeat buyer? The system allows you to issue a new policy from a previous policy. Just jot down the User Name and Password contained in the confirming email when you issue your policy. Then, the next time you go to Mexico all you have to do is revise the effective dates of your coverage or make other changes you want to make. The user name is the email address used when you issued your policy. The Password is provided on one of the confirmation emails you will receive after issuing your policy.

You can also obtain access to a previous policy with the email address you used and the Quote Number for the previous policy.

If you need help renewing or making a new policy from a previous one, contact us directly. In doing so, please include your previous policy number.

By the way, if you are a repeat buyer, an annual policy may be much more economical than buying a short term policy each time you go to Mexico. Our “QUOTE RESULT” shows the cost for short policies of a few days in duration, as well as six and 12 month policies, automatically, all on one screen.


While it is imperative that you report your claim before you leave Mexico, our companies offer US style follow up service via toll free number for communication once you return to your home in Canada or the USA.

All of our insurance companies allow your vehicle to be repaired in Canada or the USA. If you purchase an upgraded policy referred to as Extended Coverage on the Quote Result screen the company will pay U.S. or Canadian labor rates subject to a maximum per hour ranging from US $50 to $100, depending on the type of vehicle (car, SUV, Pickup, Motorhome, etc.).

If you purchased the Standard auto policy, labor and parts will be calculated based upon costs in Mexico, thus if you have your vehicle repaired in the U.S. or Canada, you most likely be very disappointed in the settlement.

If you experience a problem in settlement of a claim, whether auto or homeowners, we will analyze the circumstances and intervene if the settlement does not seem proper. If you are experiencing delays in getting your claim settled, we can help expedite things.


We offer you more coverage options than other Mexican auto insurance providers. While we offer the “basic” coverage offered by other Mexican auto insurers, we also offer a unique optional coverage upgrade for vehicle insurance from ABA Seguros, ACE Seguros, Quálitas, and Grupo Nacional Provincial, which provides coverage not available from other Mexico insurers. Called the Plus, Deluxe, VIP, Premier, and Platinum package these options includes Partial Theft, Vandalism, lower deductibles, and guaranteed US cost of repair of damage to your vehicle, higher limits of liability and medical payments, and more.

Note: Our companies offer a fixed dollar amount for the deductible in case of collision damage or theft. Most Mexico auto insurance policies have deductibles that are a percentage of the amount of insurance on the vehicle: 2% for collision damage and 5% for Theft (5%). If a vehicle is insured for $30,000 with a deductible of 5% of vehicle insured amount, the Theft deductible is $1,500. Many U.S. lienholders and leasing companies now require a fixed deductible for Mexico insurance. To make sure you can meet your lender/lease company requirements, select the “Fixed Deductible” option.

We now offer a superior, optional upgrade for Travel Assistance coverage, MexVisit, a much broader package that includes roadside assistance for a flat tire, dead battery, keys locked in car, or if you run out of gas, plus emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, two days of rental car and hotel reimbursement if your car is being repaired from an accident and much, much more.


We continually strive to offer not only the broadest available coverage at the lowest prices, but also new products.

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